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Rental prices are found below.  To rent any of the equipment you will need to come by the store, fill out some VERY easy paperwork, pay for the equipment and you will be on your way.  You will need a photo I.D., and either cash or credit card.  Its just that easy! If you can not come in to the pharmacy please give us a call, we will discuss delivery options! *you may call ahead to reserve equipment! Standard Wheelchair (patient under 200 lbs) Portable O2 Conserver Gauge Week rental minimum        $45.00+tax Deposit                     $105.00

Daily rental                             $10.00+tax Week rental                             $25.00+tax Month rental               $60.00 Deposit                     $50.00 ALL O2 equipment requires a prescription! O2 Concentrator Heavy Duty Wheelchair (patient over 200 lbs)     Month rental minimum        $200.00+tax Deposit                      $105.00 Purchase - call for pricing! Daily rental                              $15.00+tax Week rental                $40.00+tax Month rental               $130.00 Deposit                    $50.00 ALL O2 equipment requires a prescription! O2 Tanks Forearm Crutches Small O2 Tank     Large O2 Tank               Monthly Rental - call for pricing.  Week rental minimum         $25.00+tax Month rental                         $45.00 Deposit                                   $20.00 ALL O2 equipment requires a prescription! Underarm Crutches Hospital Bed-Full Electric* Week rental minimum        FREE Deposit                    $35.00 MUST PURCHASE NEW ARM AND HAND PADS Monthly rental minimum       $160.00+tax (includes rails, mattress, and set-up) Deposit                     $200.00 Purchase $995.00 plus tax and shipping. Knee Scooter Week rental minimum        $35.00+tax Month rental                $100.00 Deposit                    $100.00 *24 hour notice requested for set-up!  Payment due upon delivery. Mattress Purchase "Trapeze Bar" with Stand Foam                 Call for pricing!  Month rental minimum        $105.00+tax Deposit                     $55.00 Purchase                    $355.00

Prices are subject to change.  Please call or come in for most current pricing.

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