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Pharmacist's Corner

Are you caring for a family member or loved one who takes multiple medications? Are you each week putting the medications in those plastic pill boxes? Do you know what each medication is? Here is the solution for you!

We are proud to offer the Dispill packaging for our patients.  If you need to take several medications at different times of the day, then this is the another solution for you. The card on the left provides 7 days of medication in one card broken into morning, noon, evening and bedtime .

 We package your medications for you so that you don't have to!  

If you'd rather have a seperate card for each of your medications we can do that too! These cards are ideal if you have one medication that you take several times a day.   Once again, we package your medication so you don't have to!

Call us for details!

Prices are subject to change.  Please call or come in for most current pricing.

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